Un|Divided Movie Trailer

See the trailer for the movie that launched the movement—
and be inspired to start your own undivided story….

Pastor & Small Group Kit

Pastor & Small Group KitWe've assembled a helpful kit with everything a church needs to effectively communicate the vision and value of serving a local public school. Includes 3 cuts of the documentary Un|Divided, a 4-week sermon-series outline with companion small group materials, and more!

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A great leader once said, "There go my people. I must catch them for I am their leader."

WE BELIEVE building strong community means making sure kids and schools thrive. Be|Undivided is churches investing time and effort year-round in students and schools. Whatever the need. And without agenda or strings attached. It’s that simple, and that powerful. Check out our "Get Started" pages to learn more.

We've Done the Work for You

Are you interested in serving kids and their communities through a local public school, but aren't sure what it will require? We've taken the guesswork out of planning, so that you and your church can focus on serving. See our Ideas & Resources here!

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